Monday, December 13, 2010

foldable bike accident

This news, (Details),made me shocked.
There was a foldable bike accident happened on last Sunday, near where I lived several years ago.
It was a man, age 52, riding his bike downhill. Suddenly lost his control, got his head hit on the ground. He didn't have helmet, so seriously hurt. It was Sunday early morning, not too many cars on the road.

This accident is covered in another webpage from Apple Next Media, emulating the accident.

The bike is Dahon Dove foldable bike, costs around HKD1400. After the accident, bike was still in one piece. The accident was not caused by losing any parts of the bike.

Knowing there is a debate, in western world, about using or not using helmet while cycling. In Hong Kong, cycling culture is just started. People using helmet, are the sophisticated RB, MTB riders. For others, cycling is just a holiday leisure activity. And they have the bike hired from bike shop. However no helmet can be hired, apparently they won't use helmet. So HK has no issue of put on a helmet will discourage people to cycling.

Going back to the folder accident mentioned, if the guy would put on a helmet, would he be less serious injured? I think, the helmet may help a bit.

A helmet, made in USA, cost HKD200+ only

179 days left。


  1. It is a very unfortunate accident. I hope the man is ok now. This is why I am very strict about safety gears in our household. No gears, no riding.

  2. I also hope that guy's okay. I wear a helmet about 100% of the time. The one time I did not wear a bike helmet, I was startled by a car in a parking lot and I fell and broke my glasses, which were very expensive to replace as a student. Plus, I got all bruised up.

    Better safe than sorry! The helmet is usually a fraction of the cost of a bike.

    Be safe out there!

    Peace :)